1. Sim

    Unit testing XenForo addons - tutorial

    1. Introduction Unit testing is a process by which individual components (units) of your software are tested. The objective is to isolate a section of code and validate its correctness - ensure that it behaves as expected for the given inputs. There are multiple levels of testing typically...
  2. robdog

    XF 2.0 Set the Auto Increment Value to a Higher Starting Number

    I have been trying to search for a way to set the auto incrementing number starting point to a higher value but haven't found anything in the framework. Anyone have some helpful tips on how to do this? Thanks.
  3. Translations Cloud

    Beta testers for a XenForo plugin

    Hello, my name is Niko, nice to meet this amazing community. ;) I am currently working on a plugin for XenForo Forums that will allow members & Administrators to post multi-lingual topics. but what is a multi-lingual topic ? A multi-lingual topic is a special topic that changes its content...
  4. Sim

    Testing template modifications when upgrading XenForo

    When upgrading to a new version of XenForo (particularly a 2nd dot level release where there are potentially quite a few changes, eg 1.5) is there an easy way to identify which template modifications may no longer work as expected? If the assumptions we've made about the template that is being...