XF 1.5 Test Rights Work but Actual Rights Don't

I haven't run into this before.

I added a user to my group Super Moderators to give him rights to section of the form not many people see. I tested his rights and I see that forum section just fine, but he tells me he still can't see it.

Must I also check off something else? I see a "make this user a moderator" option, also a group called Moderating.

I also suggested he logout and login again or try refreshing the page view, but he's working with a specific URL I gave him in email, and that's what's getting denied.

Thanks in advance.


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If you are using the Test Permissions feature in the ACP - don't, it doesn't always work as expected. Use Analyze Permissions in the ACP on the use to check their view permissions for that forum.
Thank you for the suggestion.

I just did this, and for this user and this node, it says Yes for literally everything.

I have given him a direct URL to a thread - is that perhaps the issue? Will asking him to navigate to that thread make any difference?

We found the problem. The user had two entries, each his first plus his last name, but one with and one without a blank space. It turns out I was editing the one profile while he was using the other.


@Martok, thank you again for taking the time to respond.