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XF 1.1 Private Node - Permissions Granted But Don't Work

I created a private node (Wave Method) for specific users in the Lifetime User Group.

Under the node permissions for Wave Method, I marked it as private and granted Lifetime Users the ability to view, post, comment, etc, just not moderate.

We received complaints about Lifetime Users not being able to see it, so I tested permissions. Sure enough,when I look up a Lifetime user, they have Registered as their User Group and Lifetime as the secondary user group checked. However, when I test the permissions they can't view the private node.

What am I missing?
This update explains how to set up a private node: https://xenforo.com/community/resou...-multiple-user-groups.358/update?update=16595

Ensure you have not used Never for any of the user groups the members are in as it can't be overridden.

I followed the instructions for the private node when setting it up, and checked it for the third time just now.

I also checked to make sure "never" isn't on any settings.

What next?

(Editing to indicate that I set up another private node for a different purpose and it works fine...not sure why just this one is having this issue).
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If they can't view the node, then the permissions must not be set correctly (or there is an add-on involved).