Test my new forums?


Someone just told me that they couldn't load my forums.
Can a few people here check it for me?

It is at

I've only been working on it for a week, but open to any and all suggestions.
Using the default style with a handful of addons so far.

Thank you


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I think there are still too many nodes/forums. Videos and photos you can be combined into one node and set prefixes for threads (video/photo).
Introductions can be a sticky in the The Lounge node.
Dog news, announcements, suggestions all these can be combined into one node set again with thread prefixes.
all the "Health, Food and Training" category can be combined into one node or two at most. Rescues, Fosters, Lost and Founds category same story.
I really don't think that a new forum should have more than 8-10 nodes at max. My board is about 4 years old, and I don't have more than 10 nodes, nor I plan to open more nodes anytime soon.
Too many nodes = boring/not active board. It may feel the need to be "organized", but it just damages forum owners. It's better to go the sticky/thread prefixes route at the beginning and then expend your board considering the activity (And users requests) in it.

Good luck


WOW, the NBA Dimensions forums is one of the BEST looking Xenforo boards, I've seen (in my opinion)
It would be so cool if I could put scrolling dogs breeds across the top like their NBA teams.