Terms on XF transferring x3



Can I have an official reply on behalfe of XF regarding transferring a license for the third time please.
Is this against the law?

Can I transfer the license a third time with no XF support (How To?)

Maybe I am wrong but def looks altered to my un trained eye.
Maybe someone can provide an answer, thanks for the help anyways.

As far as I know it hasn't been altered.

To answer your question, licenses are only eligible to be transfered once. (From the original purchaser to a second hand user).

Any request for transfer past that would probably be declined.
The agreement allows only one transfer:


The Software may be permanently transferred by the original purchaser to a third party ("Subsequent Licensee") not before 120 days following purchase, provided that the expiry date of the License falls after the date of the transfer. The original licensee may not retain a copy or installation of the Software. The Subsequent Licensee must agree to the terms of this Agreement and waive the right to transfer.

Submit the contact form if you want to request an exception. But unless there is some legitimate reason then you probably won't be allowed to transfer again.
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