XF 2.2 template mod or new style?


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Another question, sorry, but I have no idea how to find out what is the better way here.

You have two categories and some forums beneath.
For category 2 and his forums you want to change the design of category_view and forum_view.

You can do that:

a) with something like if node_id ==x (or parent_node_id = x) then show this html code
else show the normal code


b) use a complete new style and change this style without any template_mod to your needs

Is there a rule, some arguments, some "it depends on this or that"?

I have no idea where to start to decide what is the better way.

I use both ways and have no problems with them,
but I am curious if there is someone with more knowledge about this.
I think this answer really comes down to how much you plan on changing in the view. If you're adding an element in like the header or sidebar, I guess a conditional would work. If you're dramatically changing the format such as colors /layout then I might go with a new style that is forced when viewing that node.
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