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"...he said sarcastically."

As I don't feel like writing it all out again, I'll just copy and paste my Facebook post and let that explain it:

Ugh. Well, that was a mess. If you're all wondering why I haven't been on today until now, here's why:

Around 11:00 PM last night, our Internet decided to go down. Okay, that's no biggie in itself because we'll have frequent issues every now and then where our router will reset our modem for whatever reason, and that was the issue at that time.

So it came back online, and then around 12:00 AM this morning, it went down again, that time not coming back online. So at around 12:30 AM, I tried leaving the modem unplugged for 30 minutes; after 30 minutes, it still wouldn't connect, so I got fed up and unplugged it again and left it unplugged until I woke up later.

Well, at around 8:00 AM this morning, it still wasn't working, so I figured it was an issue with our ISP. So I then went down to the Charter building, and they said they weren't experiencing any technical difficulties, so we then figured out it was the modem. And it did turn out to be the modem because when I was trying it again before going down there, it would go on and then turn off.

So my mom and I went down to the Charter building during her lunch hour to replace the modem, and when we got back, we got connected to the Internet, but we still couldn't get on actual websites because we had to reconfigure the IP address and all that stuff, so my mom called Charter support at work, and then Charter called me, and now the Internet's working again. Yay!

Tracy Perry

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Weird setup. I just plug my cable modem in (power) and hook the RG cable up and then hook it into the WAN port on the router. Pulls my static IP just fine with no manual intervention (and I've had to replace 3 modems here recently).