Other Teamspeak 3 Installation with License & Startscript


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Hey Mates,

I am looking for someone who can install a Teamspeak 3 on my VPS. I have a License for 512 Slots, so this must be install as well. And i want a Startscript, so when the VPS gets a reboot, the Teamspeak get started too. Please only Trusted People, and Users who have Experience with Teamspeak Installation.

I can pay 20-25€ for this Work.

Please dont send me a PM, write here in the Thread. I will contact you soon. :):):)


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So, Slavik installed Teamspeak for me. My License is expired, so i have requested a new one, this take some Days.

The Proplem now: The Teamspeak wont start with the VPS on reboot. I have to start it manual. Is there a Teamspeak Pro who could take a look?
If it hadn't been so long since I have used Linux I would be happy to help. Good luck in finding someone, you could try the teamspeak forums for help also.