Tapatalk's a mess


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there's no denying that TT exposes a great many sites to a good deal of members who otherwise would have never known we exist

I disagree with this. I saw very few new users as a result of Tapatalk and absolutely no good new users.


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and absolutely no good new users.
Hmm i have a great deal of awesome members that come from tapatalk.. But thats probably just the differences in our respective niches. You know how poetry forums can be.. a bunch of angry beer guzzling rabble rousers, trouble makers and cage fighters.. lol where Doberman enthusiasts have great temperaments, are very loyal, well mannered, easily trainable and eager to please.. Oh wait that's their Dogs... :LOL:


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@FredC You do not need BYO to have it listed in the app stores, this is available on their recently introduced premium plan, and they turn-key submissions, similar to how we do. I'm not the only one that didn't notice this at first, it is not a bad deal.