1. KhanTastic

    XF 2.0 What is tapatalk and is it free.

    Hi friends, My friends suggested me to use tapaptalk for forum. I would like to know if it’s free and available for the current xenforo version 2? Is it totally free to use? Please someone guide me. Many thanks, Cheers
  2. sdrothrock

    XF 1.5 When using graphical user banners, is there a way to have the text show on Tapa?

    Currently, I put   in for the text since there's a graphical banner; is there a way to do this to hide the text (show the graphical banner) but allow Tapa to scrape the text?
  3. P

    XF 1.5 Tapatalk logo added to all my Tweets

    Hi I have Tapatalk integrated into a forum I recently bought - I might look to remove it soon but I will see. My issue at the moment is that each time I manually post a Tweet to the forum Twitter account it automatically adds the TapaTalk Logo. I am attaching a screenshot. How can I remove...
  4. D

    Tapatalk's a mess

    To say it the way a certain candidate would say it, Tapatalk's a mess. I actually am a paying customer, the only reason for that is some of our members, for some odd reason, seem to like it. So I installed it, soon noticing the app, without informing the website owner, through member's posts...
  5. AppleAndMango

    Add-on Tapatalk?

    Where has Tapatalk add-on gone from the resources section? Can't seem to find anything regarding the removal....
  6. Stuart Wright

    Tapatalk emoji BB codes

    So Tapatalk have added emojis so that users can post the Tapatalk-specific smilies. Tapatalk inserts codes like [emoji23] into posts which are converted to a http:// non secure call to a smilie image on their site. Besides having custom BB codes which would mean nothing when Tapatalk is...
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