XF 1.5 Tapatalk logo added to all my Tweets


I have Tapatalk integrated into a forum I recently bought - I might look to remove it soon but I will see.

My issue at the moment is that each time I manually post a Tweet to the forum Twitter account it automatically adds the TapaTalk Logo. I am attaching a screenshot.


How can I remove this logo from future Tweets as it is driving me mad!
Im searching this for xf 2.0, it's realy f* anoying, having the same issue.

If you are on the premium tier and has a Tapatalk BYO App, you should see your forum's logo instead of the Tapatalk Logo here. If you'd like to disable it, not to show a tapatalk card, it can be disabled in your forum ACP. Disable Google App Indexing, Facebook and Twitter from Mobile App Deep Linking (BYO Branded App and Tapatalk).

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