XF 2.2 Posted photos from Tapatalk are not visible


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I have 10 days now in our forum that i cannot see attached photos posted from other members who are using Tapatalk!
At the same time i can see photos posted from my self as well any photos from any member that is posted before the 10 days that started the issue!

From PC and mobile browser i cannot see anything, is just a post with a text and without any photo or thumbnail or anything else.
From Tapatalk i see the text and images of a broken photo as you can see bellow that should be the posted photos from the member.
The other members who are using Tapatalk they can see the posted photos!

The uploaded images from other members to my Tapatalk App looks like bellow.

Any idea what can be the issue?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Hi again,

I think I understand why I had the issue!
I was in a 15 days trip in Turkey and the issue started few days later I enter in country and once I return back to Greece the photos appear in posts like never was any problem.

So I think that the issue was a behaviour of Turkish government that block some services!

From the other hand I notice a strange think, that some Tapatalk users that we were in the trip together and had the same conditions they were able to see all the content and the photos!

Thanks guys for any answer you provide me here and with PM’s
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