Design issue Images are not visible/accessible inside a preview


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Not sure if this is a bug:

- I construct a posting and upload some images and place them as thumbnails and full images inside the posting,
- I want to see how everything looks as a whole, so I click [Preview...],
- Then instead of the images I see text links like View attachment 72388 and when I want to actually view them (by clicking on them, since the text says I can view them...) I get an error message saying:

XenForo Community - Error
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
I didn't use this community/platform for over a year, so I am not sure if it is supposed to function like this?

If yes, then it seems strange that when you want to actually have a fully functional preview of your post, the images are not shown? I wonder: what is the point of a preview if half of the content is missing?

(Or is it not a bug and are the images not yet viewable because they are not saved in the database yet? I am not a technical person, so I might guessing things in the wild that are incorrect.

Edit: I now tried first saving the post and then go back to editing it and [preview]-ing it. And then indeed the error message does not appear. Still... the only thing I can see in a Preview are text-links to images... doesn't that defeat the purpose of a Preview I am wondering?)


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It's a technical issue that's very hard to handle because the images are not actually attached to any content at that point, thus there are no permissions that control viewing -- you need a temporary key which isn't something that is ever exposed within a post.