Tapatalk and Chat Room Questions

Ian Eberle

I started up my forum www.aquaticforums.net/forums about a month ago and I have a pretty good fanbase starting. Some of my users are asking for Tapatalk and others are asking for a live chat room similar to the ones integrated in vBulletin or IPB forums.

Here are my questions:
  1. My main concern with Tapatalk is the fact that it takes all customization out of my forum and makes it just an iPhone app. If you look at my board, you'll see it's fairly pretty looking and I like users to see that. Besides that, though, I use Google AdSense to monetize my blog, but I'll eventually sell direct advertising - neither of which Tapatalk supports. In addition, I love looking at my Google Analytics data and I was wondering if Tapatalk could still track Google Analytics.

    Basically, I want to offer Tapatalk to my users, but I want only the people who have upgraded their account to my $10 "Donator" account to be able to use it. Is that possible?

  2. What's the best add-on that I can use to offer a chat room for my users? They are all coming from a similar aquarium forum that runs vBulletin, so that's what they're used to... They want something similar.
If I could go back in time, I would not install TT.
Let your members get used to your responsive style and tell them that you can't install TT due to security concerns https://xenforo.com/community/threa...scloses-emails-and-passwords-but-which.88906/

You can't restrict TT usage to a particular usergroup out of the box, probably possible with custom development.

For chat, many use a shoutbox like Taigachat Pro in the XF Resource Manager.
I wish they would integrate Taigachat but getting @tapatalk to add any real features is like pulling teeth. I have been trying for over 6 months to get them to integrate media site embeds and provided them with SDK/API info and a developer that would help FOR FREE and they aren't interested at all. Super frustrating.
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