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I have installed an update to tapatalk, but it's not working...probably because I haven't installed an API key in XF. Tapatalk appears as expected in my Addons for XF.

My tapatalk general settings page has this message: " We are not able to verify the status of the Tapatalk plugin on your site via (https://www.XXXXX.com/mobiquo/mobiquo.php). Pls. ensure the forum URL, extension and mobiquo directory provided are correct and valid."

The tapatalk API key is displayed in the General Settings of my tapatalk account. However, I'm not sure what to do with that in XF. There are numerous choices in the ACP>>Setup>>API Keys ("key types" and "allowed scopes").

I presume I have to create an API key, but how should it be configured? Or, is an API key not actually required?
You will need to post any support related questions to that add-on in the resource thread, if there is one, or on the tapatalk support site.

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