Where to get TextCaptcha API Key?


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I've been using TextCaptcha for a while now...and it seems to have helped with reducing the number of "Contact Us" spam...and new user registration spammers. Only problem is switching to TextCaptcha seems to generate a lot of server errors (probably one server error for each TextCaptcha challenge).

I noticed in the AdminCP there's a box to input an API Key for TextCaptcha. When I go to textcaptcha.com...to get or sign-up for an API key...I'm not seeing any area to do it. Thought maybe if I got a TextCaptcha API key...it would fix the server error issues.

Does anyone know how you go about getting a TextCaptcha API key?


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Thanks Brogan...I must have missed those details in all of the clutter on that page. That page is very "busy"...easy to miss some stuff. I've gotten API's for other captcha types...and they made it much easier (they assign you some sort of long alphanumeric code).:)

I know the TextCaptcha folks should help me with this (if they even will). I don't fully understand the <format> part...and how this needs to be xml or json (don't know what this means or looks like).

I can figure out the <chooseYourID> part (just use a contact email address). Just don't understand the <format> part (xma or json)

If you or someone can explain that would be great (maybe post a theoretical example of what someone would insert in the API box for TextCaptcha).

This is what I find unfortunate on the internet, people no longer know how to write without a smiley and especially no longer know how to read and understand without a smiley... I would have posted exactly the same words but with :) at the end you would simply have thanked me for the link... It's really unfortunate.
It's not how you perceive what was written...it's how it's perceived at the receiving end.

Instead of saying..."if you lack imagination"...a better phrase would have been..."if need assistance with key generation"...

The words "lack imagination"...have serious negative connotations associated with them when used as they were.

I do thank you for the link.:)
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Well, English is not my native language, so I'm going to yell at Google translate for not having managed to convey the right emotion in its translation from French.
Very possible. Google translate is good...but like you said...may not always convey the proper emotion intended.:)

Sorry...I did not know Google Translate was involved.
Just in case anyone can help...still getting a TextCaptcha related server error after entering a TextCaptcha API key.

Here's a screenshot of the error:

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