Taking our website in a new work friendly direction need a little help


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Hi guys, I was not sure where this should be posted. Feel free to move it if it fits better somewhere else.
After some long thought we have decided to take our not so friendly website in an entirely new direction.
We are cleaning up the trash in our current content and hopefully driving the trolls away without too much resistance and trying to build more of a community feel. To break away from the reputation that we have gained we have purchased a new domain name and are looking at new lighter more welcoming styles. Basically we are killing our old site but keeping our good content and valuable members.
As you all probably already know my skills are novice at best. We are in the very early stages of this transformation and I need a little help with a few things that are probably very simple to most of you.
The main things that I am in the dark about are
1) How do I change the URL of my current site to my new domain name without starting over? Ideally I would like to have my old domain name redirect to the new one until the old one expires in October and then drop the old one altogether.
Will my hosting be affected by the new domain name change?
2) What do I have to do as far as Xenforo is concerned to link my license to the new domain and get rid of the old one.
3) We would like to go with a very simple easy to work with skin I am unsure how to change the skin and keep all my current add ons such as xenporta and xenmedio as well as a number of others that are vital to what we are trying to accomplish. I have yet to update my site with the new version of xenforo and would like to do it with the new theme but need to have minimal down time if possible.
Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.
We are also looking to get a new banner and logo made for the new site once we pick a skin and would be willing to pay someone for this if anyone has time or can point me in the direction of someone who does nice work and has a little extra time for a small project.


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1) you can rewrite urls from your old to your new domain name. Take into account that you need to keep your old domain active.

2) update the URL of your license in the customer's area.

3) feel free to browse the resources section. There is a category entirely dedicated to skins. A new skin shouldn't break a well developed add on, but you may have to do small tweaks in order to achieve what you're looking for.

4) post a message in the request forum. A designer should be able to help you out with your banner


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Is there a thread or information somewhere about how to go about changing the domain name/url of my site? I have looked but cannot find anything. I would like to let the old domain name expire and not have it associated with my site anymore, is that possible? My forum is almost a year old and I am not looking to get rid of the site itself just rename it and give it a new url is this something that is fairly easily done? Like I said my skill level is on the low side I apologize for this just need a little more information and a kick in the right direction.