Tag Members in Media: how does it all work?


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I think the possibility to tag members in Media is really great functionality. Certainly not for every site, but for social media sites definitely.

However, I have no idea how it works overhere at Xenforo.com
  • If I tag a xenforo.com member in one of the media-objects that I posted in my own album, it all seems to work, except that after pressing [tag] in the last dialogue screen there is a message appearing 'you changed have been saved' and then a page-refresh happens and then... nothing.
  • But... if I actually tag myself in a media-object that I posted in my own album, then it does work (!). After the page-refresh (why is a page-refresh happening, we don't see this so often anymore nowadays on websites?) an overlay appears on the media-object with my name attached to it. Why doesn't it work with all other members except myself?
  • How do members know if someone tagged them? If I tag myself (for example) as I did above, I receive no notification, which makes sense more or less, since I know I tagged myself, so no direct need for any notification I guess. But, surely if another member tags me in one of his/her media-objects I want to be notified of it.
  • Also, I want to be able to have an overview of all the items that I am tagged in. To quote myself from another post:

    Xenforo offers now offers photo tagging. Which is fantastic. I have no clue how it works at the moment (did not test it yet), but how can we see on which photos we are tagged by other members? Is there a list? Can we search on them? If we can search on them, then great but why not let the software work for us? We 'should' not have to search for anything if we have a full blown gallery product to help us out. This gallery product can generate an album for us where all the photos that we are tagged in are displayed. No need to do any searching...
    If the Gallerly does not offer this as of now or in the near future, we 'should' be able to search for them somehow. Is this possible?


Chris D

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Just tagged you in a media item so you can see what happens:


There's various settings for approval, too and who can tag on which media.

Ranging from you can only tag yourself on your own media to being able to tag anyone on any media.


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Thank you for this feedback.

The moment you posted your screenshot, I was in the process of construction one myself :).

So nothing new here:

tag media notifications.png

... except for the notification there.

I tested it with @Alfa1 overhere at xenforo.com: he tagged me in some photo and nothing happened. I also tagged him in one of my own photos in my own albums and also... nothing.

So, it must be the settings overhere at xenforo.com as you explained? Since Alfa1 and myself were unable to tag eachother, but you as a staff member apparently can do it without problems.

Chris D

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The permissions here (and this is default) require registered users (non moderators) to have their tags of other people approved before they are visible, as noted on the tag input window:


The person you tag, should then receive this alert:


If the alert is ignored, the request eventually expires and gets deleted.


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Thank you for explaining it: appreciated.

When @Alfa1 tagged me I did not receive any approval notification. And neither did he (I assume). I will try it again with another member and see what happens.


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This time I received a notification for the capt image tag.

There must be some unknown rationale that defines why we receive notifications for some tags, but not others.


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Another member tagged me now on this pic: https://xenforo.com/community/media/capt.174/ and now I do receive the approval alert. So did @Alfa1 and @Allan when I tagged them in this picture.

But, as mentioned already above:

But then he tagged me in this one https://xenforo.com/community/media/leons-windows7-logo.194/ and I did not receive an approval alert. Is this because the latter image -where he tagged me in- is an image I posted myself or some other permission setting?