Duplicate  Tab button when creating new thread


When I create a new thread, I then enter a title and press the tab button to go to the text box but it doesn't take me there. Rather to a location in between. Kind of odd.


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There's another bug about this. It varies from browser to browser. I believe it's correct in Firefox.


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Actually it's not correct in FF 6 Mike. When I enter a title then click the tab key, I'm taken to each of the controls on the editor.
I have to click in the text box to start typing.


I'm also using FF and it's not correct.

Edit... but I don't go to the editor at all, some place in between.


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Yes, this has changed in the last few days. Previously it tabbed correctly in FF (from title to message) and incorrectly in Chrome (from title to editor buttons). Currently in Firefox, it tabs from title to a black spot above the editor toolbar.

Here is the other bug report. I've attached a screenshot there.