Implemented Support Redis as cache backend

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I don't mean to bump an old thread, but has anyone joined redis with XF yet? Or tried ragtek's link above? Just curious if anyone has and if they were successful. Any insight one could provide would be great.
+1, I use Redis for caching with some other apps.. and with Zend Optimizer+ coming in PHP5.5 it would be nice to be able to ditch APC since all I'd use it for is variable caching.
I'm also very interested in official support for redis. It's *much* better for my wordpress sites, and it has persistence.
There is official Redis support as of XF 2.0 beta 2, implemented through a simple configuration in your config file. It is fully "wired up" though of course there will always be enhancements above and beyond what we feel is sufficient as noted above.
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