Implemented Support Apple Pay via Stripe

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Yeah, I have added SEPA online banking payments in Stripe, but Paygates doesn't support it yet.
Anyway, I would like to see Apple Pay in XF2. Through Stripe or Adyen, or G2S or eMerchantPay. The latter 3 each offer 100+ payment methods.


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A bit of information for those using Windows Server for their hosting platform......

When setting up a domain to receive Apple Pay payments you are requested to download and place a file within the directory .well-known in the root of your website which is then referenced by Apple Pay to ensure the authenticity of the domain and ownership.

However, once the check is made you may receive the following error message from Apple Pay:

"We attempted to retrieve the file at, but received a 404 status code
from your server. Please check that the file is hosted correctly. Note that our servers most likely send different HTTP
headers than your browser; you should check your logs to see why the request failed. For more information, see"

Check the folder permissions which should be 'Read, Read & Execute, List folder contents' and that the file exists within the folder.

Checking the logs will not reveal any more information than what you already know.

The problem is that the file has no extension (ie .html .txt .mp4) and as such IIS struggles to deliver that content without informing it how and what to do with the file.

If you go in MIME types in IIS under yourdomain, you need to add an entry at the top with a dot and
instruct IIS to treat this as a text file. This is the MIME type entry for files without an extension in the name.




Re-run the domain set up in Stripe for Apple Pay and it should now work.