Fixed Squashed Apple Pay button for Stripe (maybe Braintree)


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I'm trying out user upgrades on XF2 and I'm having some issues with stripe.

I've tested with paypal and when I checkout the user upgrade is processed quickly and I'm added to the relevant usergroup.

With Stripe however, I get the confirmation of payment, and it does through successfully using both the test and live keys, but the account isn't upgraded either time.

Does the payment have to be manually approved in the ACP somewhere?

I've tried it with and without the webhook signing secret.


With the webhook in stripe, I specified the URL as the board url, is that right?

Also, with Apple Pay, it mentions that an Apple Developer account is required. Is that still the case? I have a WooCommerce shop that I setup up with their Stripe integration and you don't need an Apple Developer account to get their payment request buttons(which includes Apple Pay) working. All I have to do is add the domain in the Stripe dashboard under Payments -> Apple Pay, and upload the generated file to the .well-known folder.


I did look for more info on this in the manual, it says in the user upgrade section that there's more info in the monetization section, but I couldn't find a monetization section.
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Probably best to avoid webhook signing for now just until you can confirm it’s working in the first place.

In Stripe’s Dashboard there’s an option to set up your webhook, have you done that? It just lets you put in the payment_callback.php URL and select which webhooks you want to receive.

There’s also a setup process within the dashboard for Apple Pay which sounds similar to Woo.


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Should the account upgrade process successfully when using test data in sandbox mode? Or does it only work with real payments?

I've tried it with and without 'Verify webhook with signing secret', and with and without 'Enable Apple Pay support', and it still doesn't seem to be carrying out the upgrade.


The payments are all appearing in the Stripe dashboard, live and test. In the payment log I can see for the Stripe entries it says

Information: Customer and plan/charge created

Whereas with the successful upgrade with Paypal is says Payment: Payment Received, upgraded/extended.


I'm not sure what else to check.


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Bugger, my webhook URL was wrong. Sorry :(

Working a treat now, including Apple Pay, even though I don't have any kind of developer account :)

For anyone wondering, it doesn't seem to complete the upgrade when in test mode. You do need to do a live transaction for the upgrade to work.

Only one issue, the Apple Pay button is very squished on both mobile and desktop. It could do with being the same size as the blue pay button above it.


Are there any plans to incorporate the payment request API like they have with the Woo stripe integration so that all the mobile and browser payments solutions will work?

It would be really nice to be able to use Chrome Pay when on Chrome on desktop, and any other browser that supports the browser payments to save having to type in CC details.



Chris D

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I think the payment request API is fairly new but I’ll have to check.

That squashed button is a bug.

It may be true that Apple Pay doesn’t work in test mode but normal card payments should.

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The button size thing has been fixed for the next release.

Further development for features such as supporting the Payment Request API, would need to be posted as a suggestion for consideration in the future.