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Fixed Superfluous </a> in admin:template_modification_list

Affected version
2.0.0 RC3

DragonByte Tech

Well-known member
If you open the template in the AdminCP editor, the syntax highlighting makes the runaway </a> pretty obvious, here's the specific block:

                                    <xf:action href="{{ link('template-modifications/log', $modification) }}" overlay="true">
                                        <span class="templateModApply templateModApply--ok{{ $modification.log_summary.ok ? ' is-active' : '' }}">{$modification.log_summary.ok}</span>
                                        / <span class="templateModApply templateModApply--notFound{{ $modification.log_summary.not_found ? ' is-active' : '' }}">{$modification.log_summary.not_found}</span>
                                        / <span class="templateModApply templateModApply--error{{ $modification.log_summary.error ? ' is-active' : '' }}">{$modification.log_summary.error}</span></a>