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super fast bootstrap jquery wysiwyg editor


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Whats the point in the text to speech on it? It doesnt even work. You get about 3 words in and it stops, and puts the wrong words into the page. There's no support for 'full stop' or anything like that.

Seems very gimmicky.

IMO free WYSIWYG wise, CKEditor 4 is (sadly) the best option. However Redactor is very nice, but not free to use.
Bootstrap kinda sucks compared to Foundation but it looks like a nice editor. TinyMCE and CKE are getting a little long in the tooth.


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Poor, to nonexistent, support for IE. A deal breaker for most.
Well, I'm kinda sure this can be fixed as the development continues. I just hope it keeps its speed, would be a very nice editor then. TinyMCE and CKEditor are like monsters compared to that...