Suggestions for Wordpress (responsive) theme?


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I'm sure there are lots of opinions elsewhere on the web, but I'd rather hear from a smaller group of users - so here goes.

The blog I purchased

has an ancient theme that came with it - Nemeis, which is not responsive nor designed for mobile properly.

I don't need anything fancy - just something to do the job and be relatively easy for me to customize (the XF last posts sidebar, for example, or if I use any of the wordpress bridges here).

It wouldn't hurt for it to look a bit like the stock XF, which I am using on the forum part of the site

It doesn't have to be free - but it would be nice to have a theme which is not here-today and gone next year in terms of use and support.


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I switched back to Genesis after trying many other responsive themes. I'd recommend taking a look at that framework and seeing if there is something you'd like to modify for the site.

Just my two cents.


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Thanks all.
I bought Genesis and one of the stock child themes and installed it - MUCH better! The site seems quite a bit faster and traffic is up quite a bit in the last couple days (maybe the speed combined with the readability).


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Genesis is pretty good. I would have chimed in with that as well...but it seems you've got it covered ;)