help or suggestions for updating thread prefixes?


Can I get some help either finding an add-on or writing and SQL query to update my forum's old thread titles to match and include the newly added XF prefixes?

The reason for this is that I have a forum that has been around a long time and members regularly search old posts. Since migrating to XF I added prefixes to the built-in system but in the old days members manually entered prefixes in thread titles to identify the type of thread they were starting. I would like to convert those manually entered prefixes to use the XF system.

TIA, Paul
That would definitely work for identifying threads which have common text in the title, e.g.




A prefix can then be applied to the matching threads.

It's not clear whether you also wanted the thread titles changed to remove the prefix text.
If so, that would require a custom add-on, or a query for each specific string.
For example: 'UPDATE xf_thread SET title= REPLACE(title, '[solved]', ''); .
You would also need to rebuild the search index to reflect the changes.

Ensure you test any queries on a test installation first and take a backup of any tables before running queries on them.
Thank you for the quick reply. I looked at Batch Update but I didn't see a way to change the title so that it was not redundant with the prefix. So that is why I was thinking maybe SQL Query but I was not sure what the sql reference for setting the prefix would be. But looking at yours I'm thinking I could just run the batch update first, then just update the titles and rebuild the search index as you indicated. Thank you
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