Implemented [Suggestion] Username illegal characters


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I think it'd be useful, and for security measures, if the usernames are restricted by regex, or some other mechanism.

I'm sure there was a thread on this, can't find it now though.


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RegEx = Regular Expression
Some very simple regular expressions to limit the usernames are:
  • /^[a-z]+$/i (only alphabets allowed)
  • /^[a-z\s]+$/i (alphabets & spaces allowed)
  • /^[a-z0-9]+$/i (alphanumeric characters only)
  • /^[a-z0-9\s]+$/i (alphanumeric & spaces)
Thank you!

Is there any way to use that to specify other names which should not be used? Currently we have ".com" and many other names prohibited, I won't type those out here.