Lack of interest [Suggestion?] Username Colors?


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Recently, I have seen the who's online box, and noticed a wierd lil thing. Hmmm....

Russ' username!


So, as you can see, his username is darker than the other ones.....

vB has this features in some areas, and phpbb has this globally - no matter if it is "online now" box, no matter its postbit, no matter if its "post by" in forum home....and even Lithium does it.

So, is it in the list?


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Russ' name is darker because you are following him. People who you are following will show up in the members online box with bolded, slightly darker name.
It's meant to be only slightly darker so as not to draw the eyes away from the forum.
There are no plans to change colors here, but I'm sure you can do so via css for your own forum. :)


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Ahh. I didn't realize that, Peggy. Interesting way of distinguishing those who we follow.

I thought the follow, or friend stuff would have to have an asterisk, or a plus sign like vB.