XF 1.5 Username colour


New member

So what i wanna ask is, is there a way to call in some way user.id.colour or something where i change the colour of the username of some user no matter in what group he is.

Aka i don't wanna do it with creating groups and giving colour to whole group the reason for this is that i am using a lot of groups with priorities to give people a picture in their user title so if i create a new group for usermane colours i have to give that highest priority ****ing up my whole ladder where i give ppl different user titles and stuff which i don't wanna make.

The idea behind all this is that if there is some way to directly access the person username colour without being in group i wanna try making a custom user field which will be viewable only to moderators and by writing some css there they can directly change the person colour name making it so ppl can pick a username colour and still keep their user titles without ****ing up the whole priority thingy.