Implemented [Suggestion] twitter integration

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
yey. i am more in favor of twitter integration compared to facebook.

people prefer to keep their facebook profiles secretive considering it is more personal and has more private data.

twitter on the other hand allows you to create multiple IDs. and use them as per your convenience. i have have a work based twitter account and a personal twitter account. on Facebook, it is just one personal account.
Coming soon.

Good to hear this is coming soon!

Just a quick related suggestion, when posting a new thread I think it would be beneficial to having a check box that says something like 'Share this on twitter too' - then if they have authorised the forum to connect to twitter it automatically posts the title and link on their twitter account, or if they haven't it directs them to the page to authorise their account :)
Coming soon.
So this was posted in 2010.... Still waiting for full Twitter integration (by that I mean including log-in). A lot of my traffic comes from Twitter, not Facebook. So adding Twitter would be nice. (Google too while we're adding this).
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