Implemented  Suggestion: slight offset in the post being displayed


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  • When I read a thread.
  • Later new posts have been made.
  • Then I click on the thread to read the new posts.
The newest post is put really close to the top of the screen. Almost every time I find myself clicking the up arrow key on my keyboard to be sure I am seeing everything there is to see.

Would it be possible for an offset? Maybe 10 pixels?


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I noticed this and it bothers me. Instead of the top being flush with the user information box, it should be where blue line is that separates posts.


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Required CSS changes:
.messageList .message {
margin:0 auto;
Not sure if this has any unintended side-effects (couldn't find any, at least not visually), but it turns 10px of margin into 10px of padding so that it jumps to where the dividing line is. :)