Lack of interest [Suggestion] RTL BBcode


it'd be very nice to have a BBcode to make the line/paragraph goes RTL(Right To Left) for example :كلام-عربي-testing.3594/#post-54618 (Arabic text in the URL but it doesnt appear in this post when copy pasted :()

in the post i linked, the first line looks good as LTR text, but the second line need to be RTL to look like intended (the problem is because the line started with an RTL text)
i've been to few english language forums but the spoken language varies up to 4-5 languages, the defailt theme is Left To Right but some lines need to be RTL'd, that why they use a [RTL][/RTL] bbcode and i'd like to see it in XF default WYSIWYG editor ^_^