Lack of interest [Suggestion] Keyword Notifyer Daily


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I have been contemplating the big move to Xenforo and want to so bad! BUT I have sponsors on the site that use a Keyword tool where they get daily emails of posts that contain keywords that they are looking for. This keeps them from having to search all the threads looking for this.

Would be cool if there was someway to have this built in to Xenforo. Maybe even just an RSS feed that was based on Keyword they could use. The company that built this Vendor tools area is not going to be coming to Xenforo so their setup is not going to be ported over.

Thanks for any ideas or help!

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I'm having something similar as add-on.

The admin can define & track special words.
If a word is found in the message, i'm getting an alert.

If you're interested, i'll check if it's possible to change this to work with several users(i'm not sure about the performance, would need to run some tests)


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You are correct this should probably be an Add on.

Ragtek, let me know what you think you might be able to do and i can work with you on it.

Basically here is how it works.

UserGroup X is allowed access to a certain page.
On this page they can enter their keywords they want to watch.
They then get a daily email 'if' any of those keywords are found posted on that day.



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What kind of hit on performance does that currently cause you on vBulletin (I assume it might cause a lot if your talking about multiple people running multiple searches on different words on all new posts on what I presume is a very active forum?)?


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This feature I am looking for was built by Drive Thru Online Tools guys. Its a vendor package that helps register vendors to sponsor a site. It includes a vendors page for banners and biz info, and had an area where vendors in X usergroup could use this keyword tool. I have talked directly with them and they are not planning to do any work on Xenforo, which is unfortunate.

There were only probably 10 users who used this, which I assume was not a real big hit on the DBs, not really sure as I did not do any of the background coding. The problem is making this big move to Xenforo and telling my vendors they have no keyword tools will prob cost us some sponsorship. It is a really nice tool for vendors and imagine a lot of sites could benefit from this and offer it to their sponsors.

A sponsor who is busy during the day and does not have time to search the forums actively for mentions of their products, good or bad, this is the tool to use and would help site owners to convince them to get on your boards.