Lack of interest [Suggestion] If using ImageMagick, include configurable option for which avatar sizes to affect.


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Currently, the main reason someone would use ImageMagick over the regular GD is for animated avatars. The only issue I have with this, is it affects ALL avatar sizes, even the very small ones. At this size, one can't even tell what the animation is, and it becomes very distracting as well.

I would love for there to be an option so that ImageMagick only affected medium sized avatars and up. This would basically mean the main areas where users would see animated avatars are within thread/convo views and profile views. All the smaller sized avatars that are scattered throughout the board would remain static and non-distracting.

Idea came to mind due to users wanting animated avatars, but I simply can't let that happen with ImageMagick affecting all avatar sizes, it just seems very messy and a waste of resources. If only medium sized avatars and up were affected, I feel it could be a good solution that a lot of forum owners would want to use. I've seen the animated avatars in threads TEMPLATE mods, but those don't take care of cropping and such that can be done within XF's avatar editor overlay / imagemagick.

Just a thought. Thanks for the excellent software thus far. :)