Not planned Variable for path to avatars

Mike Creuzer

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Hey there,

A very minor feature request here, but the only thing not editable in CSS or via any style properties or otions as far as images is the location of the avatars folder. They pull from /styles/{theme}/xenforo/avatars/{gender_size}.png (more or less). What would be nice if instead there was a setting in the style properties under General that allowed you to change the path. So by default it would be: styles/default/xenforo/avatars/ but I could change that to load from where ever.

The reason for this is as I mentioned, it is the only thing that requires that precise folder structure with no way of changing it without an impressive plugin, core file change, etc. For example, if this was created, I would not have to edit anything inside of /styles/{theme}/xenforo/ as I could create my own folder /styles/my_theme/style_images/avatars/ and put avatars there. Naming convention of the individual avatar files is still the same of course, that is fine. I only need a variable for the path to the avatar folder.

This would save me a good 30 minutes every release because then I wouldn't have to manually go through and see which images are different, take those images, and apply them to each theme myself. I could then simply grab the entire /styles/default/xenforo/ folder and move that into my release package for my theme. Again I get that this is somewhat insignificant but I know myself and other designers who design and code in a way that interferes with default Xenforo code in as few ways as possible will appreciate this.