XF 2.1 Animated (GIF) avatars terribly supported?


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I noticed the day I installed Xenforo, that Animated avatars are terribly supported on Xenforo. With GD, the gif file uploads but only a static avatar image is being shown, and with imagemagick I get constant timeout errors. Now, I could increase the timeout. But to do that for a simple 96KB GIF avatar that couldn't even be converted within 30 seconds? That's overkill.

I know there may be a lot of frames within that GIF avatar, but I have to admit with vBulletin I never had any issues uploading gif avatars what so ever. It was accepted on the fly with the exception it was allowed in the admin control panel.

Unless people have other suggestions by any chance to make this work without much hassle? Either that, or Xenforo is just very limited in how it can process animated images with the image process features it provides to use.


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GD and Imagemagick are not part of XF, they are PHP extensions.

GD does not support resizing images with multiple frames, which is why only the first frame is preserved.

If you are getting timeouts and other errors when using Imagemagick then that's due to the server spec, config, or set up.