As designed Animated GIF avatars renamed to .jpg


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Hey guys,

I just tried setting an animated avatar (GIF) on my install of XenForo and here is what happened:

The .gif is renamed (not converted) to .jpg and moved to data/avatars/l/0/1.jpg (still GIF internally)
The .gif is converted to JPG and resized into data/avatars/m/0/1.jpg and data/avatars/s/0/1.jpg

I would very much like to have animated GIF support for avatars in all sizes, but that would be a feature request. The bug here is that the file is renamed to .jpg when it clearly isn't one. I suppose you could open it using XenForo_Image_Abstract and just output it to the proper path as a real .jpg file.


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Not sure its a bug or a problem. Pretty sure imgur for example extensions all gifs to jpg as well. Doesnt seem all that uncommon. Could be a mime setting issue server side in some cases though.


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The file is called .jpg. If that is a lie, why not call all images .leg instead? I am convinced this should be interpreted as a bug.