Lack of interest [Suggestion] Facebook Auto Thread Post

I would like to see an option where the user is able to link their forum to a facebook page, and when a new thread is posted, the link of that thread is automatically posted to the facebook page. This puts some activity in the Facebook pages and saves the hassle of having to do it manually each time.
Yes but i mean that it does it automatically, that you dont have to be logged in to the account but that it is posted to the facebook page automatically...
What happens when there's a thread you don't want submitted to the feed? I think that maintaining a facebook group requires the same amount of effort as the community, thats just my opinion though.

Social feeds are cool and all, but when people start becoming the bulk of what is appearing in my own feed, then I start considering to remove that participation!

Think of Twitter and the messages you get from being in some sort of group there, and how often they popup during the day, making your true friends a lot less important in the feed!


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I would be interested in the feature. In an ideal case, one would be able to pick specific forums for the threads to be taken from. Such addon/feature would be best for smaller forums, of course.