Custom Thread Fields to Custom Thread/Post Fields


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Custom thread fields should apply to posts as well.

Except, if you choose to apply it to posts, you can't use the "Thread status block" if you choose to apply a custom thread/post to both threads and posts: Only before/after message and self-placement.

An example where this would work well is on a photography forum. While right now, we could discuss 1 image and plug in camera settings in the same text boxes/fields that are already in custom thread fields, we could have an official thread for a specific topic like "Sunsets, Grass, Cats, Birds, etc." and each reply could have a custom post field that is shown at the top/bottom which shows essentially the EXIF data of that picture (as sometimes if you export in Photoshop, that data is lost) from user entry from camera model, lens used, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. in the posts.

As it stands with just custom thread fields, we can only have a discussion based upon the original photo and not necessarily veer off-topic.

I'm sure a lot of other forums could think of a use case for custom post fields to be used as well as custom thread fields, with the option to have that field apply to either/or or both.

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