[Suggestion] Change wording from YOUR towards MY

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My makes it sound personal. "Your" makes it sound like they're talking to you... though XF is a pretty amazing piece of software that does talk to you ;)


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Personally I'd have neither and just have Account, News Feed, Notifications, etc.

After all "Watched Threads" isn't "Your Watched Threads" ;)
Facebook does this with some things: "Profile", "Account", "Account settings".... but then there's "Edit my profile".


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Which is why personally I would just drop all the "your", "my", etc.

If it doesn't relate to you or your account then just prefix it with something like "all" or "everyone's".


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I think of it more as the forum is telling you, "Your Content", "Your news feed" ect :)

I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to customize when it launches to you're liking.


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It was a conscious decision on our part to use 'your' rather than 'my' throughout XenForo. Most importantly, we do it consistently.

If you fancy a giggle, look at Facebook's main login/signup page for some serious your/my confusion.
yeah, as long as it is used consistently, both work fine. If you start using whatever feels right at the time things get confusing :)
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