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With 100 discussions per page and 15 million threads in this forum, merging it together with another offtopic forum is impossible, and requires more than inline moderation. The only solution which is not a solution really is to make them both sub forums under a category, or a subforum below eachother. And ignoring members saying : why not merge those?

Additionally the ability to have advanced tools such as : find all deleted content, and archive it under a specified forum, and optionally undelete them. Very handy, in case a revolt occurred on a site or a moderator made a mistake and mass deleted content or whatever.

Advanced tools could also include to check if any changed node due to imports or whatever, or just simply orphaned threads/posts are there. Is there a parent post that's linked to a node that isn't a "forum" ? .. ability to specify where to move that orphan content to


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This request reminds me of when I accidently deleted the wrong forum in the admin panel, goodbye almost 10,000 posts. So a feature like this would be great, although I don't think it would save posts when removing a forum from the admin panel, as this could possibly result in more work for forum administrators trying to remove forums and its content.


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Would love to see a "Revert all changes by x moderator since x date" feature. I have had this problem myself (and learnt from it).


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I don't think putting all deleted content into a specific forum is the right way to go about it. Simply have a section on the site which lists deleted content that hasn't been permanently deleted. I was actually expecting this to already happen and was disappointed when I saw it wasn't.