XF 1.3 Thread tools > edit thread > lock?

Neil E.

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Every time I use Thread Tools > Edit Thread and make a change to the thread title, the topic always changes from open to locked. Note that the "open" check box always has a tick before the editing is performed. The tick disappears during the edit and I have to go back into Thread Tools > Edit Thread a second time to redo the tick in the "open" check box. If I forget to do this the topic stays locked and I get complaints from users asking why the topic was locked!

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I do not want the topic to become locked.
Do you have any add-ons installed or have you customised the templates?

It sounds like a customisation of some sort is involved.
I only have 3 addons: Advanced Search, Robots and Enable Debug From Admin Home. I doubt they are involved. I do have many customized templates via TM core. Can you point me to the template that would handle Thread Tools?
I do not have the ability to edit the thread title in the discussion list. When I tick the "select thread" checkbox, edit title is not in the Other Actions > Moderation List. Is this what you are referring to Steve?

Discussion List.webp
I have four TMs on thread_view. All are pretty basic. I doubt the problem is with them. More likely in a template that handles the function of the specific thread tools.

thread view 1.webp thread view 2.webp thread view 3.webp thread view 4.webp
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