Suggested Resource Guideline: Confirmed bugs need to be resolved in a reasonable timely manner.


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I would like to suggest two additions to the Resource guidelines for paid addons:
  1. Confirmed bugs need to be resolved in a reasonable timely manner.
  2. There needs to be a publicly visible bug tracker.

I believe these rules would at least give a signal to developers about what is expected of them to make use of as an addon sales platform. There are just too many addons with severe quality issues and buying an addon is quite a gamble these days.

Quite often we end up with investment of time and money in malfunctioning addons. It happens more often than not.

I know that the XenForo Team decides their own protocol so I am throwing it out there in the hope that it will be considered by the XF team. I honestly believe it is needed.
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Even premium add-ons are a courtesy. They do not have to release them here. Forcing restrictions can for example push people to limit releases to their own website. If it's a wanted resource, free or premium, people will go get it - be it here or on the author's website. That's my experience.

Even complete amateurs with no coding background can put stuff together based on examples and samples, and as a courtesy share it with people here, at any price. That there are bugs in plugins is logical, be it from an amateur or professional coder. doesn't limit premium resources to registered companies for example. In my opinion you get what you pay for, any future release or bug or security patch, etc on top of it is almost impossible to guarantee. If someone offers 24/7 support for their plugin, that's just a sales pitch in most cases, or at the least just good intentions. Looking at the amount of deleted premium add-ons and lists of unmaintained ones, etc.

Also, I feel the resource manager actually already has enough features to include the ability to have means to show intention for support, for commercial ones even an input field for updates duration.

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Since this is an open discussion, a suggestion, and others are replying with their opinion - this is mine. I am sure it's not welcome again. My point is just that I think sharing a resource here is a courtesy, basically. And getting updates for paid ones is on the same level of guarantee as a free resource. I rather see another approach than "it's mandatory to release a bug fix every time someone finds one"