Lack of interest Subscribing to prefixes


I would like to have this feature for my forum. We have people who take care of certain tasks on the forum. We have a suggestions and bug sub-forum for everything and people specify what it's about by applying the prefix. Now it would be great if I could get a notification whenever a thread uses the "TeamSpeak" prefix. Another guy would get notification on the "General" prefix and so on....

I have found a suggestion which is quite similar but has been denied because of "Lack of interest" and I want to show that there is interest in the feature.

Thank you, celebrir


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I've had some suggestions on a site I administrate for this feature. This would drastically improve the watch feature.


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On ZooChat, we have discussions about over 2,300 zoos - divided by country. So we currently have 123 forum topics for each of the countries we cover, and then we use thread prefixes to differentiate between zoos.

This works well for us because some discussions are general or about multiple zoos and aren't associated with a specific zoo, so they don't get a prefix.

The key missing feature is to be able to subscribe to prefixes to get alerts about new content about zoos that people are interested in, so this suggestion would be welcome if it was implemented.