Prefixes per thread type, or thread type activated by prefix


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Allow certain prefixes for thread type, or, at least, article type.

The first possible way:
Members choose to post an article in a mixed thread-type forum. When they click the Article tab, the prefixes change to (for example) Blog, Article, and Review.

Yes, this can be done in a dedicated forum of course. But if we prefer mixed thread-type, we can "pull" all the reviews, for example, to a Search Forum and they benefit from having the article format.

The second possible way:
Well I was just thinking about this more and it may work better in reverse.
The prefix list is the same for the node, but it changes to a thread-type per selection. So if I choose Blog the tab changes to Article.

That, I like!


This does not seem to be a duplicate, the other two I saw were talking about the system automatically applying "Question" and "Solved" prefixes. But of course, if you have only one prefix, and mark it default and required, it is automatically applied. So one could use Question here in Q&A with the same logic.

This suggestion would pair nicely with the custom fields per thread type suggestion:
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Yes. @beerForo Funny how I thought about the same thing LOL. Great minds think alike i upvoted this feature would be great with the prefixes. Add a prefix select discussion question article poll etc and then add prefix to that node. Then when you select prefix it changes the tabs to what you set as. :)