Lack of interest Submit text with poll vote. (and display vote+text in thread)

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When users vote on a poll they should have an option to add their opinion about it. In other words they should have an option to enter text to explain their choice.

Here is how it could work:
Add a node setting in admincp to activate the function or not.

When creating a poll allow the same field types as custom thread fields. This would allow for much more advanced polls.
When a user votes on a poll display not only the poll options, but also a text field.
After the vote and text is submitted post it as a reply to the thread.
The reply would display the vote* and the text.

* if the vote is public.

IMHO this approach would make poll threads much more active. Its also much more useful if the users vote is visible on his post. Very few people are going to open up the poll votes list to check. Especially on mobile.

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