XF 1.4 Styles not saving 403 error


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My server company moved my XF to a new server a month ago and ever since then my permissions are messed up here and there giving random 403 errors. After hours we thought we had them fixed a few weeks ago.

I noticed today when trying to save changes made to styles I get a 403 error.
I guess what I need to know is what file or folders are modified when these are saved?
If I can find out those I will have a starting point. But so far no luck.
Is there a list also of common files and folder permissions? Why I realize they may vary
I have no idea where to start to be sure all of them are found but for now I need the style issue solved .



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Is it a 403 error from the server itself or XF? You'd be able to tell based on what the error looks like.

If it's from the server itself, it's a security system (such as mod_security) tripping unexpectedly. Your host should be able to determine the rule in question.


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Well I asked them and there saying its XF pretty typical when errors happen every points at the other guy. LOL thats what my server people always do first.
They say they can not set the admin folders as they are part of the software and to ask XF which files or folder are accessed.
I realize its not something wrong with XF because it worked before they moved it fine. But I agree I cant access those files
as they do not exists on my folder . You guys do not know what folders are accessed by style changes >>??? The 403 error is just a typical page says 403 error.
Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Which tells me permissions are not set I mean at least thats my take.

But is not a XF error its the server can not change the software settings in styles. o_O
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Solved , some how the new IP is whitelisted, not sure what whitelist is I know blacklisted. Anyways they fixed it for now.
Not sure why they didn't catch this before. Thanks for helping me Mike ps thats also how the Alert was fixed today.