Style Properties and Updates


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When you update Xenforo, do you lose the customized style properties?
I read that templates will not get updated if they have been altered. Is this the same case with style properties? Probably not (guessing), is it because style properties are saved through SQLs and templates are not? I'm confused o_O

Chris D

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I can confirm that style properties remain, even after updates.

Colours for example. A common thing you'd see is @primaryLighter. @primaryLighter will always refer to whatever colour you have set in Style Properties. Changing the Style Properties don't actually update the CSS or templates directly. It is just a marker for the actual value to be pulled from the database.

Whereas if you change a template, you've changed the template. It's then impossible for the XenForo installer to understand how to merge the changes you've made with the changes they've made so the compromise is, your custom template stays, and is marked as "outdated" without the new changes.


Hope that makes sense!