Fixed Style id not remembered when navigating the ACP

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Steve F

Well-known member
When working in the ACP on a certain style and then clicking a on link in the sidebar such as Search templates it is defaulting to the Master style.

Steve F

Well-known member
This seems to only happen if you have not saved any templates within the style that is selected.

  1. Select a style and change a style property + save
  2. Click templates or Search templates in the sidebar
Outcome: It reverts to the style previously that had a template saved or Master style if no style templates have been saved.

Hope that makes sense.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I'm trying to reproduce this, and these are the steps I'm currently following, which are not reproducing the issue you describe:

1) Log out
2) Log in to ACP
3) Click Appearance > Styles
4) Click on Style Properties for a style that has no customized components (style 'bla')
5) Edit and save a style property (I was using one of the palette colours)
6) Click on Search templates in the sidebar

... style 'bla' is selected in the style drop-down of the search templates form

Would you be able to identify exactly what you did to see this behaviour?

Steve F

Well-known member
I'm getting some pretty inconsistent results while trying to reproduce it, like when I first logged into the ACP I was able to reproduce it just using my steps in the 2nd post. Then I went to another site on the same server running the same version (beta 2) and couldn't reproduce it.

Following that I returned to the first site where I could reproduce it but I am no longer able to. So I then tried this while viewing (in the ACP) my custom style:
  1. Went to the style list
  2. Selected style properties on the default style (went correctly to the "default style" properties)
  3. Did nothing else but clicked Search templates
  4. Resulted in my custom style being selected in the drop down
I'll keep trying for better reproduction steps though this could likely be a local problem, either my PC or that dev site.

Steve F

Well-known member
Alright try this (this may be expected behavior though):
  1. Select style properties > any property group > save any property
  2. Select a different style form the drop down above the property list
  3. Click Search templates
  4. Result - it shows the style that you previously saved the property in
This was reproduced on 2 sites running Beta 2.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can reproduce this, I think, with an even simpler list of steps - can you confirm this, @Steve F?

1) Go to style properties and open any property group
2) Choose a different style from the drop down
3) Click Search Templates

Result - the selected style is the one that was selected prior to step 2.