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So my second forum is just coming up to a year old and in the last few months was going really well. In the past month alone, lots of new sign ups and very active. Two days ago I was thinking - this is great.

One day ago one of the longest standing members decided to leave in a majorly dramatic way. It had maybe been building up. They weren’t getting as much attention. They were one of the most regular contributors however. But had also been a pain in the backside a number of times. I tried to encourage them to stay to no avail.

The reason given was sour grapes about me (ie setting forum rules etc). At that point I decided to turn off their messaging in case they spread their negativity to other members.

Today - it’s dead as a dodo - only three people posting.

Ok it’ll bounce back but just letting off steam because - well you think you know someone and are kind of pals.

There are other reasons the background to do with standards within the forum topic and they don’t want to change.

Anyway - riding high one moment and a big crash the next. Hey ho.
Depends on the quality. If one would post 1000 forum games a day, or the other post 10 quality content pieces, I'd go for the guy who gives quality, not quantity.
It’s a pet forum. This member had more pets than most so posted a lot daily. Others post daily as well but I think some members have picked up something has happened and it can make them feel uncomfortable.

I probably should have banned that member ages ago anyway.
I haven't seen much members going away because one member is gone. If they enjoy the community, they'll stay.

Unless your active member was more a leader than yourself and most members looked up to that person, then you could have a problem. Or a lesson, to step up as the leader so your members look up to you instead of someone else.

Nb: Don't know how active you are on your own forum, so I'm just thinking out loud, no offence intended.
Yep - just forget it and move on. It was a nice little group of regular posters and others went quiet, but it's getting going again.
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